Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pregnancy is not so fun

I wanted to write down some thoughts on my pregnancy experience while I'm still pregnant, first so I can document it and remember everything, and second, so that if I think about having baby #2, I'll have no excuse not to remember the first time around.

I'll start by saying that overall I've been lucky, I'm healthy, and baby is healthy. No major scares, no major problems, just a whole lot of aches and pains. I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, and finally on maternity leave from work, which is wonderful. Not having to sit at a desk all day has made me feel much better overall. Lets see if I can remember all of the fun things I've gotten to deal with during the past 8.5 months:

  1. Upset tummy. This was the very first symptom I had, pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant. At first I thought it might have been me freaking out over the result of the pregnancy test. But no, it is just a part of my pregnancy. And probably one of the most consistent parts of my pregnancy. Since about the 2nd trimester, I started getting a really upset tummy after eating. I think this might be related to blood sugar, so I've tried to eat lots of snacks and eat pre-breakfast before real breakfast, which has kind of helped. Body positioning-wise, I've noticed that if I lean forward, that has really helped my upset tummy. Also, regular old tums have become by best friend.
  2. Nausea. Yes, this is a separate symptom from having an upset tummy. Sometimes my tummy feels fine, but I still kind of want to vomit. Sometimes both. This also started sometime in the first trimester. Doing things like brushing my teeth made me want to gag and dry heave. And any kind of smell, like opening the fridge - even if there wasn't anything yucky in the fridge, just the smell of 'fridge.' This is what prompted Jim to start making all of my lunches for work, because I just couldn't go in the kitchen in the morning without starting to gag. The first trimester is supposed to be the worst for nausea, and it was pretty bad. But I didn't actually vomit until my 2nd trimester.
  3. Fatigue. not just - oh I'm tired, but really, a feeling of - I can't move off the couch, and I'm happy going to bed at 9pm. I can't do anything non-essential. This did fade, but I still get worn out very easy. I usually say I'm good to do two things in a day. Which was work + make dinner, or work + yoga. Now that I'm on leave, it's go to the grocery store + make lunch. That pretty much wears me out. 
  4. Vomiting. Closely related to nausea. This was pretty much contained in the 2nd trimester. But it wasn't like, oh, I feel like I have an upset tummy, I feel nauseous, oh, now I'm vomiting. OK, that happened occasionally. More often it was, I'm half awake and trying to brush my teeth, I'm almost done, and now I've just thrown up in the sink. I guess I should try to brush my teeth again. Or, I'm in the kitchen, and that's a funny smell, and vomit. I guess my vomiting wasn't that bad, because I was still able to keep food down, I didn't lose weight, or get dehydrated, it was just an occasional revisiting of my last meal. 
  5. Shortness of breath. Why did we buy a house with so many stairs? I really can barely get up half a flight without huffing and puffing. Getting out of a chair leaves me huffing and puffing. And sometimes it's bad enough that I just have to sit down and catch my breath before I start getting too dizzy and the world spins. This has started in the 2nd trimester, and has only gotten more and more intense. 
  6. Headaches. I've always gotten shitty headaches. During the first trimester, I probably got a shitty headache maybe once a week. Then at some point of time, I started getting them more frequently, and then I had headaches pretty much every day for 3 weeks straight. Being pregnant, I could not take my magical elixir of excedrin, and tylenol helped a little bit, maybe, on the first couple of headaches. And then doom. I tried yoga, chiropractic care, heat, ice, nothing. And then one day my headaches went away. I still get them maybe once or twice a month, but that's a much more manageable level than every freaking day.  
  7. Sore boobies. Started wearing sports bras as the girls started to grow. Then the nipples decided they wanted to be pokey all the time, so I started wearing sports bras with padding so my high beams aren't always on. They're just really sore, comes and goes in phases. If it gets too bad, I can wear my sports bra to bed, which helps pretty good. 
  8. Low back pain. Like headaches, I have a long history of low back pain. But this low back pain came with a fun pregnancy twist. Previously, a great way for me to get relief was to lay on my back with my legs slightly elevated. And now, somehow this made my pelvis really angry. Like my pelvis was spreading in some unhappy way, probably because everything gets looser in pregnancy. So now I've lost my best defense against pain in my low back. Oh, and at the same time, my head and neck really want me to lay flat on my back to release my neck, but my low back and pelvis insist on being on my side. Eventually I discovered a way to make a pillow fortress around me so that I can lay on my side, have my neck decently elevated, and my pelvis supported. It takes 4 regular pillows of appropriate firm/squishiness, and 1 body pillow. And somewhere, Jim is usually on the bed, as is at least 1 cat. 
  9. Rib pain. I really felt like I was growing a new rib on the right side. This was late 2nd trimester, and into the 3rd trimester. Like many other symptoms, I wasn't really able to find a lot of relief. It got so bad I actually went into L&D to be evaluated, because apparently there are lots of important organs that are up near my right ribs, like my liver and gall bladder. But they ran lots of tests and determined nothing was wrong with my organs, so the default was just that the baby was not giving me a whole lot of room. Which still seems strange, as the baby has settled with his/her back on the left side of my abdomen, butt in my left ribs, so it's really just the feet on the right side. And it's not like I got sharp kicks, just pain. Literally like growing a new rib. This symptom has been helped the most by being on maternity leave. It really got worse when sitting at my desk all day, or being in the car for a long time. And now that I'm on leave, I can just lay on the couch instead of sitting up. Which is magical. I can still tell it's tightening up all of my muscles on the right side, so I try to do a lot of side bends and forward folds, which feel really good, but certainly don't 'fix' the issue, it just gives a little bit of relief. 
  10. Acid reflux. Again, different from just unhappy tummy, or nausea, this is really just acidy. Started probably at the end of the 2nd trimester, and I've used it as an excuse to eat ice cream for dessert almost every night. Although really pepcid is pretty useful for this, as is plain old tums. The farther along in my pregnancy I've gotten, the more foods give me acid reflux. So it doesn't really matter what I eat, I just take tums, and have pepcid ready. 
  11. Swollen feet. I started noticing that some of my shoes stopped fitting. Of course that was about the time of year there was rain, and only my birks and crocs seemed comfortable. Maybe I should be glad it's a drought year? So as far as I can tell, feet swell in two ways during pregnancy. They actually got longer, because the relaxin loosens the connections of the bones in your feet, and the extra weight makes your arches fall. And then they got wider, just due to water retention. So no cute shoes, which isn't that bad, but it was frustrating at the end of the day when my feet and ankles would get so swollen that I couldn't get my shoes on that fit that morning, and I couldn't more my ankles comfortably because the swelling limited my range of motion. 
  12. Foot pain. Again, different from swelling. For a while in my 2nd semester my heels hurt all the time. So I actually started wearing heels so the pressure would be more spread out. I don't know if this was due to just the extra weight and pressure, or the relaxin starting to work on my feet, or what. Jim had a lot of food rub duties. Eventually this pain moved into my arches, and the front part of my feet. Now it feels like I have arthritis in my feet, it's painful to roll through my feet, regardless of what shoes I'm wearing. This was really bad in my last couple weeks of work, when I was trying to release my back pain by taking frequent walks, and then found walking incredibly painful. It's bad even first thing in the morning, when I hobble myself to the bathroom. 
  13. Swollen hands. Not nearly as bad as swollen feet. I had to put my wedding ring on a chain around my neck. 
  14. Hand pain. Horrible. I feel like I have old lady arthritis hands, I can't grip things, I can't bend my fingers the way I want to, and I feel kind of useless. At night when I roll over and have to adjust my pillow fortress, it's really searing pain. I've also developed trigger finger, badly in my left ring finger, and occasionally on my two middle fingers on my right hand. Trigger finger is when there is inflammation in the tendon of your finger, and it literally gets stuck in a bent position, and has to be popped back to straight. My midwife says this might not be pregnancy related, but it really started happening at exactly the same time as the old lady arthritis hands, so I'm hoping it is. When I adjust my pillows at night, I have to use my opposite hands to straighten my fingers, because they just don't move. My left ring finger is so bad now that I try not to bend it too far, because I really can't get it back into a straight position. 
  15. Wrist pain. I've never had carpal tunnel syndrome before, but I do now. It also started the last couple of weeks of work, but didn't seem like it was related to using the computer. It's worst in the morning, after inactivity all night. But again, searing pain if I move my wrist in the wrong direction. Worse in the left wrist, but now it's coming into the right as well. I'm trying to keep it well stretched and massaged. But man, I just feel week. 

Other fun pregnancy things that aren't really medical sorts of 'symptoms.' Just fun pregnancy bonuses:
  1. Food aversions. Baby wants me to eat plain food, with as few nutrients as possible. No vegetables. I can't look at uncooked chicken, although mild cooked chicken is acceptable to my interests. 
  2. I can't cross my legs anymore, or can just barely do it. It's probably better posturally, but it just doesn't feel as comfy. 
  3. Weird dreams. Weird sex dreams. WTF hormones?
  4. Giant belly. Well, clearly that happens in pregnancy. But it's really just in the way, and makes wearing clothes difficult. I'm now at the point in pregnancy where half of my maternity clothes are too small. 
I'm sure I'm forgetting things, maybe I've already blocked them out. And now, I've been sitting for too long, and my back is unhappy, my wrists are unhappy, and I'm not sure if I'm hungry or just need to take tums. Must be time to go. 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Roseanne: Fin!

I have watched each episode of Roseanne in chronological order! I had intended to do it all in 2012, but would up a few episodes short. So now it's 1/3/13, and I've finally finished them.

It was really nice to see everything in order. I really liked a lot of the arcs, and watching everyone develop. It was also interesting to see where the crazytown came in (early season 8) and watch it ebb and flow.

I've used the following to view Roseanne:
-TIVOed episodes

The TIVOed episodes were the worst, because not only did they have commercials, you could also tell when they were cutting time out of the original episode for more commercials.

I really wish that Roseanne aired episodes with pop-ups, like they do for I <3 80s="" br=""> Well that's it on Roseanne. Thank you 2012!

Roseanne: Season 9, Episodes 23 & 24: Into that Good Night

DJ is getting kicked out of the big bedroom so David, Darlene, and the baby can move in.
Harris Conner Healy is home!
Darlene wants to stay at home and learn from Roseanne.
I heart Roseanne and Darlene heart to heart time.
They say grace over pizza to say thanks for everything.
Everyone says hi to the baby.
Becky and mark are pregnant too!

And now for the ending...Roseanne was really writing about her life and rewrote it the way it should be. Dan actually died from the heart attack, David and Becky are together and so are Mark and Darlene. Jackie is gay.

And now she's back in her writing room. Explaining that the whole last season was her coping with Dan's death.
And that when Darlene's baby almost died she realized she had to choose life.
I actually think its a nice ending. Rewriting your own life to make it the way it should be. And writing as therapeutic to cope and understand and make sense of your world.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 22: Arsenic and Old Mom

Dans mom shows up at 2am
Audrey Conner. Freshly released from the nut house. But she's clearly still nutty. And possibly wishing evil upon Dan. Since Dan through her into the nuthouse.
And apparently she is trying to kill him.
So more drugs!

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 21: The Truth Be Told

Tv networks want the rights to make Roseanne's life story into a movie
The first guy says fat doesn't work in prime time so he wants Melanie Griffith to play her.  He's also a douche.

The 2nd one is a chick named bobby. From a cable channel. Who wants to add nudity and swearing and gay  people.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 20: Roseanne-Feld

Jackie and Mark go to a wrestling march. And it stars Coach Beast from Glee! In the previous weirdo episodes that I didn't blog about, they had the principle from Glee too.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 19: The Miracle

Premie! She's hooked up to lots of machines and has a low chance of making it. She needs machines to breathe for her. They decide she should experience life without tubes. So they take her out and hold her and love her. Seems a little strange, just a bit forced to have a deep moment with all the Conner women. But it's tv. And the baby makes it even without the tubes so all is well.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 18: A Second Chance

Darlene is in early labor. And drugs aren't helping. They give her the drug of last resort to stop the contractions. And her doctor is captain Craigen from Law and Order SVU.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 15: The War Room

More emotional eating. This time in bed.
Old school video camera!
They've decided they have to get her out. David fails spectacularly. Darlene has been in too long. Leon fails too

Heather goes in. And confronts Roseanne. Now Nancy with her crystals.

Mark comes in with something big. He thinks Dan is staying at the hotel because he wants to come home.
And now Roseanne is up! And thankful of her peeps.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 14: Hit the Road Jack

Roseanne has a car phone. She's driving around avoiding Dan.
Mother cluckers chicken to eat
DJ meets a girl at the video store. Heather. I recognize her from the princess diaries.
Now at Bucky burger.
Dan leaves.
Roseanne has a small meltdown.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 13: Say it Ain't So

Jackie confronts Dan. Dan is conflicted. He and mystery woman have feelings for each other but haven't done anything.
350 thread count sheets. The height of luxury...
Prince Carlos just married his chamber maid. Says the tabloids.
Apparently Dan was gone 6 months? This season feels like a time warp.
Dan confronts Roseanne. Badly. He still loves Roseanne but has feelings for the other woman. Why do you tell her that? Are you breaking up with Roseanne? Or with the other woman? Don't act all sad and conflicted because you don't know what you want. Figure it out.
Good Jackie speech tho.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 12: Home for the Holidays

Dan is back! And they all fail at understanding airplane arrival times.
And Dan is all awkward.
Giant Christmas tree!
Mark is wearing glasses. That's new.

Bed time for the kiddies. But it's still light outside.
And cut to Christmas morning.
Darlene gets a PowerBook! Mark gets snakeskin boots. Jewelry for the other wimmins.
Roseanne gives Dan the mortgage and a zippo. Cute. And Dan cries.
Then Jackie overhears the phonecall- Dan calling his mistress. I don't like it! Stupid.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Roseanne: Season 9: Episode 6: Pampered to a Pulp

At the fancy spa getting an evaluation of all the trouble spots.   Entertaining.
Tiny Asian ladies beating on them and not speaking English. I've totally had massages that seem like this.
Dessert is a swan made out of an apple! Pretty!
Yoga ! They are doing bound side angle pose! And directly into putting your foot behind head.
And they left yoga for past life therapy. Which is excellent.
And a dream sequence. Are we surprised? Roseanne is Xena warrior princess! And is fighting apparently a famous female boxer.
And again we have Roseanne and Jackie in weirdo clothes. Annnnnndd hey end. Phew.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 5: Someday my Prince will Come

Jackie in a minidress.
At the diner. Carlos Champagne from Muldavia. Jackie thinks he's cute but decides she's full of shit. But realizes he's actually royal and is her normal dopey crazy self. Love it so much.

They all go with Jackie to NYC on her date. In a private plane.
Twin towers skyline!
And random ending dream sequence with Bev singing in the Cotton Club in NYC.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 4: Honor thy Mother

Leon and Dan discuss the meaning of life.
Roseanne and Jackie are going to the spa. Roseanne said she's going to get her kundalini awakened! Woo! There is a lot of Crazy fun times with Jackie and Roseanne this season.
DJ is now in Becky and Darlene's old room.
Poker night. David is such a weenie. I love it. Chuck has a heart to heart with Dan.
Roseanne and Jackie drink wheatgrass. Ew.
Dan is going to take his mom to Santa Monica to get good mental health care. Good for him.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 3: What a Day for a Daydream

Roseanne hallucinating being on Jerry Springer
Telling the story of winning the lotto in a really unfunny way. I think it's supposed to be funny that its not funny but its not.
This is like the same thing as last episode when someone from the today show interviewed them and they were boring and awkward.
"Now that we have this money I don't have to be a democrat anymore."- Bev.
This is really long and not funny.

Another daydream now Roseanne and Jackie are posing for playboy in really ugly clothes. And now a guest appearance from hef. He looks so much younger than on the girls next door.
And now winning miss universe. This is still not funny.
And they decided the episode was over because they got a cake. So now Michael Fishman is reenacting old movies. Dumb.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 2: Millions from Heaven

I love Jackie. Freaking out over the lottery and Roseanne is half dressed. Makes me so happy.

Going to the lotto office. Dealing with the press.

No wonder the prince is going to fall for Jackie. She's so funny.

They're so excited by brand names an the expensive plastic champagne glasses. Love it.
And Darlene is emotional and pregnant it's cute. I really love emotional Darlene. She's wonderful.
And David is really hot this season.
This is such a lolworthy episode.

Hehe. Robin Leach showing the house.

Roseanne: Season 9, Episode 1: Call Waiting

Dan and Roseanne still aren't back together. Roseanne is at Jackie's watching tv. Suddenly she and Dan are in I dream of Jeannie and Mary Tyler Moore   It's kind of cute and relevant tho.
They made up. Yay!
And they won the lotto! 108 million. I love Jackie so much.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 25 Fights & Stuff

So I skipped blogging for a few. This was my new years resolution to get through each episode, and it's crunch time.

Dan is going home! Roseanne is throwing out everything unhealthy in the house. And it's a lot. Ewww old eggs in a jar.  Why would you have eggs in a jar. Old condiments.

Healthy food they are eating- rice cakes, squash,

Revenge pb and j.

And now they are having a big fight about everything. Scary and intense.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 19: Springtime for David

Old Becky again. Not looking forward to this ep.
David starts work at an amusement park. And lives in a scary bunker dorm with someone far too chipper. This really reminds me of the Mormons from Book of Mormon.
And now David is brainwashed after 2 weeks.
Culty cray cray.
Roseanne makes him come home.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 18: Disney World War II

Good grief that's a lot of people to have on vacation. expensive too.
Darlene finds the Disney spirit.
And makes a baby! But we don't know that yet.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 17: We're Going to Disney World

Dan gets paid out at work and they have enough for a vacation. Woo!
Becky number 2 is back! She doesn't even have the same hair.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 16: Construction Junction

Jackie is worried about Andy's verbal skills. But it's because he has a talking toy with a really robotic voice.
Jackie bought a computer for Andy to learn. And set her up with AOL!

A new prison is coming and needs drywall! Dan to the rescue. Screw the city job.
Jackie is an Internet addict.

Dan got the drywall job because one of the co-owners, Chuck, is black.

Tiny Tim playing uke with David

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 15: Out of the Past

Darlene tries to play buckety in scrabble.
Nana Mary!
Poker game with Scott and Leon.
Talking about OJ Simpson in mixed company.
That's a giant crib at Jackie's. I could sleep in that comfortably.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 14: Becky Howser, M.D.

Mark is attempting to grow a goatee.
Becky is in a rut. And jealous of Darlene.

Becky is down about being 21 living in a trailer park without a career. Roseanne tries to encourage her to make a change in her life.
And Mark is grouchy that Becky isn't happy with where they are together. And thinks that if she's a fancy doctor she won't want him anymore.
Becky seems to always have doubts about Mark. And Roseanne always has to defend Mark's side.
Yay decent episode in season 8.
 3 episodes in row with Mr. Parkin. Good times.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 13: White SHeep of the Family

Random relative death means they have enough to go out to a fancy dinner. At McArthurs. They had $21.46 and then Darlene came home so it's $18.75 a person.
The Conners are all impressed at the fancy menu and place. For $21.46 a person in San Mateo... Well that would be... A decent place

Darlene was offered a copywrigher job for 500 a week - $25,000 a year. And everyone is impressed but annoyed at her for being snobby and obnoxious- ie darlenelike.

DJ bought a trombone but apparently without a case.
"I'm not getting it."- Dan
"Neither do a lot of trombone players."- Darlene

Now the family thinks Darlene is looking down on them because she's in college and can make the big bucks. But she's just Darlene.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 12: The Thrilla near the Vanilla Extract

Jackie and Roseanne are selling soya sausages and cheese in a can at the supermarket. For 4.25 an hour plus .15 a unit
Why are they doing this? They own a diner. Shouldn't they be working at the diner if they want extra money?
Mr. Parkin the grouchy manager. Har had.
The men are installing new linoleum.
Kathryn Joosten from desperate housewives!

Ohhhh. Dan just told off David for putting down Mark. Because Mark has a full time job and busts his ass to take care of his wife. And David works part time at a pizza parlor and sits around making ironic comments.

And Roseanne and Jackie are having a food fight while working in the grocery store.

Dan is a little Emo this episode. But he does have a point.
Dan thinks David should move out. He is graduated from high school.
New linoleum dancing with Scott Hamilton. And Mark.

Roseanne: Season 8, Episode 11: December Bride

Roseanne throws Leon a big gay fabulous wedding.
Leon gets cold feet.
And then they get married. And the officiant is obnoxious and dumb. And Roseanne went from not knowing Scott, Leon's bf to planning the wedding and inviting the whole fam. Yeah sure.